The Circus of Dr. Jake,
Various Writings, mostly by Yakov Rabinovich

These books are no longer available in hard copy: I closed the Cafe Press store due to lack of sales. Evidently people are reading the books online or downloading the PDFs. You are welcome and encouraged to download, copy, share, post on the internet and disseminate these books on the condition that no fee be charged for access to them.

Isle of Fire Volume Five: The Book of What's In Hell: definitive guidebook to the world of the dead:
"Let's Go" — to Hell!

Note: I only completed volumes one and five of the projected multi-volume "Isle of Fire" series, then took a still ongoing vacation to busy myself with ancient  China. I mean to return to this project sometime, but I doubt that will be anytime soon. I am a bit sorry to have left the Book of What's in Hell uncompleted, stopping half-way through at the hallucinatory re-assembly of  dead Osiris. For those who absolutely must see how the story turns out, the best complete translation is that by Erik Hornung, The Egyptian Amduat: The Book of the Hidden Chamber, (2007.) Though not as clear or as literary as one might wish,  its is better by the length of a sky than the only other complete translation, the unintelligible one made by Budge a century ago.


Isle of Fire Volume One: The tour of the Egyptian further world in English and Hieroglyphics including the complete late Egyptian Contendings of Horus and Seth, the rudest and most amusing text to survive.


contains revised versions of two previously published books, Gaius Valerius Catullus' Complete Poetic Works (published by Spring Publications) and The Rotting Goddess (published by Autonomedia). The Catullus has been pared down to the best poems, and the Rotting Goddess re-written in popular, non-academic style — without sacrificing content in either case. Also included are the infamous Priapus poem of Tibullus, and the classic A Psychic Geography of Masochism.


 Discovery of the art of the earliest Christians, the "Ebionite" church of James, recovery of a passage from the "Q" Document.



Heine was the greatest of German poets, and this book is his masterpiece. It pillories conventional pieties of 19th century German culture and nationalism with that nervous, self-mocking irony that is the hallmark of Jewish humor. Literally illegal in Germany during Heine's lifetime, it places him with Catullus and Villion in the first rank of literature's bad boys.


contains translations of the poetic books of the Bible (Job, Song of Solomon &c.) and Faces of God, the classic study of the survival of Canaanite mythology in the writings of the the Hebrew prophets, along with mystical and speculative essays on of Judaism.


My pseudonymous attempt to make money by writing a YA novel. Includes Egyptian gods, Aleister Crowley, and Goethe, and teenage neo-pagans.



Yes, my poetry. Sigh.



Buried Alive: An Anthology of Underground Writing Al Ackerman, Faye Dodo, Thom Metzger, Paul Raboff, Yakov Rabinovich, Brett Rutherford, Julia Vinograd and Peter Lamborn Wilson — my friends from the 80's zine scene, all in one place. 

A Concise Grammar of Haitian Kreyol is a specialist work of interest only to the ethnographer and linguist. No comparable study of this language exists, so I am keeping it available here. Not available for purchase in hard copy.


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