Submitting Your Work to The Invisible Gallery


I am looking for artists to include here in The Invisible Gallery. You can contact me directly here. 


I well realize that there’s no shortage of art blogs, individual and collective: like every other networking tool on the net, blogs have become so profuse as to defeat their own purpose. When I  surf the net for interesting artwork, I give up after a few pages of undifferentiated Google results. It’s a literal “needle in a haystack” situation!


On the other hand, established galleries and art magazines (and the better known art blogs), though they do filter things somewhat, only seem to exhibit work by well known artists who made their reputations long ago, or work that in some way resembles something that has already shown its market value. Or something political. Or something from China. Or something political from China. Suffice it to say, I haven’t been surprised by anything I’ve seen via the official channels for years.


So, what do I hope to accomplish with yet another online gallery?  Well, first of all I concern myself with aesthetics, not salability, which does distinguish me from the above-mentioned resources, which are all primarily market-driven and celebrity-centric. I consider art from the aesthetic perspective of art criticism and the philosophical one of art history. 


Further, what I have to say is heard, at least by some whose good opinion is worth having. I will not here rehearse my literary and scholarly credentials, but it is worth remarking that the Invisible Gallery is part of the Invisible Books site, which has been up for over a decade. It gets about 2,000 visits a month — which is quite impressive when you bear in mind its content does not pander to popular taste; and that it does not have an academic captive audience. 


I have recently embarked upon serious art criticism, and I now get an several hundred visits a month to each of my , my art essays In the course of a year one these articles on a classic artist gets read oftener than it would if it were printed in Art Forum. While a contemporary artist’s inclusion in the Invisible Gallery obviously won’t be as helpful as being featured the above-mentioned publication, it assuredly is a useful  kind of exposure, and one that confers a certain intellectual credibility. As I include work by more artists, the interest in and value of inclusion here will snowball.


My project is entirely altruistic. I do not ask a fee or a percentage or reproduction rights, or require anything but written permission to display the work in this critical context.  Display on my site does not preclude  reproduction elsewhere, on or offline.  Whenever possible I will provide direct links so buyers or gallerists can contact the artist without my mediation.



Yakov Rabinovich



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